Ben Sherman Button Down Shirt


A 15″/38cm size Ben Sherman short sleeve button down shirt in light yellow. This shirt has a back button on the collar, a back loop and an open pleat. The sleeves have a V cut with one button on the top of the V. It was probably manufactured in the 1990’s. The material is more cotton based, it may be polycotton but it looks similar to an Oxford Weave.

This is in great condition, it’s obviously been worn a fair bit but there are no tears, snags, stains or other damage. Please note the colours of this shirt have not come out very well in the photos, the yellow is actually brighter than in the pictures.

Size: the label says 15″/38cm, we’ve measured this as follows:
Collar size 15″ (37.5cm)
Pit to Pit 22″ (56cm)
Collar length 3″ (7.5cm)


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