J&G Meakin Studio Patterns

Updated 29/05/24

This list is intended to help collectors and buyers identify the different patterns in the J&G Meakin Studio 2 range, we’ve illustrated the coffee pots as these are the most collectible and popular. As in excess of 100 different patterns exist the ones photographed here are just a start and we’ve a long way to go before we feature them all! If you can help us by supplying photographs of any of the patterns not featured then please get in touch.

We have lot’s of Studio coffee pots and other ceramics in these wonderful patterns for sale at RetroSpectro, see them all here.

If you love these patterns and are on Facebook then why not join the excellent J&G Meakin Collectors And Sellers Group.

This page would not have been possible without the bible of all things J&G Meakin: J&G Meakin Pottery: History In The Making by Chris Marks. Whilst not currently in print this book is a great resource for everyone with an interest in the designs and patterns produced by this famous pottery.

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