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We love old adverts, they look great, provide a fascinating window into the past and are great for researching and dating vintage items. The following galleries are intended to become a database of old adverts. If you are able to contribute to these galleries please get in touch.


Updated 25/02/24
Cool kitchens, fabulous front rooms and breathtaking bathrooms… you get the idea. All the best furniture, wallpapers, units and more.

Updated 17/04/2023
Kitchen Equipment , Cookware & Dining

Updated 30/08/2022
From high fashion to the latest trends. Women's clothing and accessories throughout the 20th century.

Updated 12/11/23
Smart to casual...Suits you sir.

Around the house or out and about

Updated 25/02/24
Electrical, gas and mechanical goods for every room. Hi-fi (& low-fi), watches, cameras, white goods and lots more.

Updated 27/02/2024
Mostly (but not just!) Sylko's.

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