Dewhurst’s Sylko Thread Colours

Sylko Thread labelDewhurst & Son’s produced the Sylko range of machine twist cotton, perhaps the most popular range of cottons used in the UK.

The iconic cotton reel label is instantly recognisable as a symbol of quality and the wonderful colours and evocative names given to the threads mean that even today there are plenty of vintage and haberdashery enthusiasts who collect the original cotton reels.

There were around 500 colours produced, originally on wooden bobbins (through to the 1960’s) and then on plastic ones (in the 70’s and 80’s). We only own a fraction of these but thought it would be worth while to illustrate these as a list for other collectors. This list concentrates on the bobbins produced up to the early 80’s as we don’t collect the very last types with a barcode on.

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Label styles
Note most threads came in both No 40 and No 50. Number 40 was described as for “general requirements” and is the most common. Number 50 was described as a “…finer thread suitable for stitching the most dainty and delicate fabrics…” The red and the blue print were reversed on the No50 on most labels.

Thread Numbers/Colours

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