70’s Milk Glass Spice Jars, Sugar Jar & Pepper Shaker


Spice up your kitchen with this gorgeous set of milk glass spice/storage jars and accompanying sugar jar and pepper shaker.
Made by Cerve – an Italian brand of milk glass, much like Pyrex, they feature a pattern much like the classic blue onion, but in brown (and without the onion!).

Spice Jars – Height 11.4cm Diameter 5cm
Sugar Jar – Height 14.5cm Diameter 10cm
Pepper Shaker – Height 8cm Diameter 5.2cm
Weight (all items) – 1394g

There are five jars small spice jars for clove(s), pepper, saffron, nutmeg and paprika. One larger sugar jar and a small pepper shaker. They have plastic sleeves over the lid to form a seal except for the sugar and pepper shaker which have plastic lids.


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