Black Echoes music paper – November 1978


Black Echoes music paper dated 25 November 1978. 24 pages full of features, interviews, news, reviews, charts and adverts for Reggae, Soul, Funk, Disco, Northern Soul etc.

This issue has a great picture of Bob Marley on the cover and interviews/features with Bob Marley, Randy Brown, Phil Hurtt, Roy Ayres etc. Plus a full page advert for The Royals, Olympic Runners, Ronnie Laws, Downtown Disco Party (MCA Records), Different Records (Reggae), Burning Sounds Recoreds.

This copy is in Very Good condition, there is some yellowing and the crossword has been filled in but overall this looks great.

Size is approximately A3 12″ x 16″ – Due to it’s size this paper will normally be shipped folded in half.


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